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Clarkes Estates launches new 'Virtual Reality'

“Virtual Reality” it sounds like science fiction, but it is here right now, and when it comes to property marketing, it promises to be simply huge. 
VR as it is known, allows the user to experience a virtual tour of the property, using either a VR headset (like the one worn by the Ostrich in the Samsung TV advert) or by simply opening the VR tour on your computer or tablet, just like using Google street-view.  You can literally walk through every room, looking at floor, ceiling, ahead of you and behind you – a full 360 degree world of virtual reality.  It really is just like being there.

Clarkes Estates are the first local agent to bring VR to the marketing of property and what a change it heralds. Now not only do you get wonderful, professional photographs of your property, you can also have a full VR tour online on Rightmove, and the Clarkes Estates website.

Clarkes Estates have invested in the very latest technology and it means a better chance of a sale and less stressful viewings.


What are the benefits?
Firstly, the VR tour showcases every aspect of the property. It really means that every possible buyer can view your property and see its features and atmosphere. The VR tour works together with the floorplan to give a total walk-through of the property. There is no chance of your home being missed.
Secondly, it cuts down on wasted viewings – so less waiting around and less constant tidying up! The potential buyers that come to view your home are REALLY interested in it meaning more chance of a sale and a better price. It also means that people who may not have initially considered your property will view it and become interested buyers. VR brings out all the features and benefits of your home.

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