Bungalows – always in demand…

A recent poll by the retirement housebuilder McCarthy & Stone shows the continuing popularity of the bungalow – according to surveys, they are the most desirable type of property across all age groups. Indeed, McCarthy & Stome found that more than half of all over 65’s would consider moving to one.
But bungalows are in short supply. They are expensive for new housebuilders who prefer to build houses and flats (more rooms in the same space) and all too often, nice bungalows on big wide plots get knocked down and replaced with houses instead.
Figures from the NHBC show that in 2017 just 2% of new builds were bungalows with some 2,012 being built, a massive reduction from the 26,000+ being built each year just 30 years ago.
So our advice?
If you have a bungalow it is likely to prove both a pleasant place to live and an excellent housing investment.
Great detached modern bungalow for sale in Bognor Regis – £300,000. Please call us for details and for a viewing.
Bungalows can also offer tremendous potential to extend into a chalet style property with dormer windows or velux, and because the internal walls tend to be non-load bearing, they offer great scope for re-arrangement and modernisation. Some of the bungalows built in the 1960’s and 1970’s suffered from poor layout and design making them ripe for improvement – and a resulting increase in value.
Take a look online and see what bungalows we currently have to offer by clicking here.  But be quick. The best bungalows soon get snapped up in our experience.

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