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Looking After Our Clients - As COVID Restrictions Are Eased

July 2021

We recognise that being entrusted with the sale and letting of a clients’ property is a major responsibility. We take that responsibility very seriously alongside our duty to look after our own team and provide them with a safe and secure working environment.

Covid19 has brought huge challenges for society as a whole. Now that the Government is removing the legal restrictions of the past 18 months the onus is being placed on personal and corporate responsible behaviour. We have reviewed our ‘best working practices’ and published this document so that you know exactly how we will be operating and looking after both you and our team.

The Government has published very limited guidance for industry to follow. Accordingly, we have had to make some internal business decisions to provide the most appropriate and balanced level of protection for you as our client. We will do our utmost not to put anyone at risk while also facilitating the progression of the actual transaction.

The limits on prospective tenants and buyers viewing properties on the market has been removed but we will still be encouraging buyers to keep the number of people viewing to a minimum and to continue to wear a mask whilst viewing. Our team will be maintaining social distancing and clients will be asked to do likewise.
It goes without saying that people who have coronavirus or who are self-isolating should not leave their home for any reason, and especially not to move home or undertake property viewings.

These are our fundamental principles and pledges to you:

Wearing Masks and use of Hand Sanitiser

  • Clarkes Estates will be actively asking every visitor to a property to wear a face mask and use hand sanitiser before entering the property.

Vulnerable people or those shielding

  • Clarkes Estates will actively ask every client whether they are shielding or otherwise vulnerable with the increased risks presented by coronavirus. We will prioritise helping clients in this group.


  • Initial viewings will be done virtually wherever this is possible – we will only be proposing physical viewings for those who are most likely to want to progress into an actual transaction. We will be doing all we can to thoroughly check all client’s motivation and financial standing before they view.
  • All physical viewings will be limited to members of the same household. Open house viewings will never take place.
  • All viewings will take place by appointment and only involve members of a single household.
  • When physically viewing properties, where possible, visitors will be instructed to avoid touching surfaces, bring and use their own hand sanitiser.
  • The number of people on a viewing will be minimised to those from the immediate household that absolutely have to be there.
  • We open all internal doors prior to the viewing and will allow access to handwashing facilities for our team and the viewer.
  • If you are resident at the property, we will ask you to vacate whilst viewings are taking place.
  • When we accompany clients on a viewing, we will follow social distancing rules wherever possible.
  • The same rules apply to second viewings and follow up viewings.


  • We will discuss your property with you in detail before we visit to minimise the time spent at your property, to make sure we have all the relevant details and to answer your immediate questions.
  • If you do not intend to market your property just yet, we may be able to provide you with the advice you need and a preliminary valuation without a physical visit.
  • We will make sure you know which of our expert valuers will be attending. Our valuer will not be using public transport, and of course will not be at work if they or any member of their immediate family has Covid19 symptoms or they are self-isolating.
  • All valuations will take place by appointment only and involve only one member of our team. They will have protective equipment available including gloves, mask and hand sanitiser.
  • All documentation can be sent and signed electronically to minimise contact and appointment time.
  • We will ask you to open all internal doors prior to the valuation and ensure surfaces, such as door handles, are appropriately cleaned.
  • We will follow social distancing rules wherever possible.

Lettings – Cleaning, Tradespeople, Maintenance, and Inspections

  • Our priority is to keep our clients safe.
  • Cleaning and cleanliness at check-in and check-out will be of particular importance. Where requested, we can arrange for specialist cleaning contractors, including disinfectant ‘fogging’, to visit and clean the property before, during and at the end of a tenancy.
  • We will take exactly the safety steps and precautions for periodic inspections, repairs and maintenance, check-in and check-out as we do for property visits by our own team.
  • All inspection visits to the property will be by prior appointment.
  • Where repairs and maintenance are required, our trusted tradespeople will be told to follow the government guidance and maintain social distancing wherever possible at all times. They will contact the household in advance to check that no member of the household is showing symptoms of coronavirus or self-isolating. If they are, works will be delayed.
  • Tradespeople will be required to sanitise hands on entering the property.

Trust in Clarkes. Local people. Local reputation.

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