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Meet the Estate Agents behind Clarkes Estates

Paul Clarke


Born: August 1971 – Virgo 

In the Industry: Since Feb 2000

At Clarkes Estates: Since May 2005

Fun Fact: Climbed Europe’s highest mountain, Mt Blanc from the Italian side. Made it to 400m of the summit before being overcome with hypoxia. He then dropped his camera into a crevasse and lost most of the photos.

Likes to: Sail yachts in warm and sunny places. Occasionally, he even leaves harbour. 

Listens to: Audible. He loves Harry Potter .. 10 Points to Gryffindor.

Christina Murphy


Born: Sept 1996 Virgo

At Clarkes Estates: Since Jan 2017

Fun Fact: She really wants to win the National Lottery but won’t buy a ticket.

Favourite Beverage: Anything fermented from grapes. Prefers Red, or White. Has been known to drink them at the same time and now believes she invented Rose.

Worships: The Sun. It’s not so much about where I went, but how deep the tan was when I came home. 

Paula Clarke


Born: May 1971 – Taurus

In the Industry: Since May 2005

At Clarkes Estates: Since Jan 2006

Fun Fact: Likes to sail in the Mediterranean but completed her Day Skipper sailing course in Force 8 winds in the Solent making the Mediterranean even more inviting

Likes to: Relax in the garden, probably in the hammock with a large G&T

Creativity Quotient: 11 out of 10. Frequently spends an entire evening painting minuscule patterns on ladies nails. She is universally popular with her Girlfriends. For some reason, they arrive with Gin.

Kelly Clarke


Born:  November 1996 – Scorpio

In the Industry: Three years

At Clarkes Estates: May 2015 – September 2017 and February 2020 – present

Fun Fact: Kelly is a fully trained yoga teacher and massage therapist which she did professionally until she re-joined the family business

Likes to: Go bouldering, outdoor climbing and yoga (not all in the same day)

Listens to: Dermot Kennedy, Hippo Campus, Harry Styles, Arctic Monkeys, Ed Sheeran

Barbara Crosby


Born: Ehem. You don’t ask that of a lady!  Virgo

In the Industry: Since December 2014

At Clarkes Estates: Since December 2014

Fun Fact: Holds the record for the highest-grossing haul in a Prestos Supermarket Trolley Dash.

Likes to: Keep fit and drink red wine … allegedly, at the same time.

Listens to: Let’s Dance, ooooh, yeah let’s dance. Barb, keep still. Please, really, it’s just too much.

When not working can usually be found: On holiday. Or planning a holiday, or booking a holiday.

Charlotte Ware


Born: At a very early age

In the Industry: Since a teenager

Fun Fact: Won young broker of the year award while still wet behind the ears.

Life: Loves wine and Tennis, preferably at the same time whilst watching as her drinking skills are better than her tennis.

Paula Tanner


Born: It’s a secret

In the Industry: Been a viewing agent and in Estate agency for 4 years

At Clarkes Estates: Since June 2019

Fun Fact: No one loves Christmas more than Paula (She could be Mrs Claus)

Likes to: Used to work in travel and still loves to travel. Enjoys family life, keeping fit and going to the theatre in London, with her favourite show being ‘Wicked’

Listens to: Pop music, all eras

Sue Gearing


Born: November 1967

In the Industry: For an eternity

At Clarkes Estates: Since May 2005

Fun Fact: Wanted to be a concert pianist and ended up being a lawyer

Likes to: Travel, read, sing and play the piano

Listens to: Bach, Rachmaninov, Ultravox (showing my age), Roy Orbison and Motown

Alex Travell


Born: April 1985 – Aries

In the Industry: Since July 2013

At Clarkes Estates: Since June 2020

Fun Fact: Once jumped off Auckland Harbour Bridge. Luckily, the bungee rope prevented any permanent damage

Likes to: Stayactive, walk in the country, run, cycle, swim, climb and ski. He also enjoys a well-deserved rest afterwards

Jon Barrand


Born: April 1984

In the Industry: Ten years

At Clarkes Estates: Since Feb 2020

Fun Fact: Used to work as a covert surveillance operative until he was shot at and decided to get a safer job!

Likes to: Kayak, Snowboard, Wakeboard and Swim (mainly in the sea)

Listens to: Literally anything. Loves live music, the last band he saw was Ocean Alley

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