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Welcome Home – Setting the atmosphere with home scents

In the same way that paint and colour create different atmospheres, scents also play a role in setting the mood and atmosphere of each room in your home.  Not only that, but they come with the added benefit of cutting through unwanted smells and freshening up a space.  

There are many ways to incorporate nice scents into your home, from candles and wax melts to reed diffusers and room sprays and they all provide a lovely welcome as you walk through the door.  Here are a few ideas for scents you can use in the home.

Home Office: Lemongrass is great for a calming environment, whilst orange and lime are great uplifting invigorating scents to help keep you alert and energised whist working.  

Living Room: Scents like Woodsage & Sea Salt and Coastal kale & Surf are a great way to bring the outdoors, add some plants and you have can create a vibe perfect for chilling out at home. Candles and wax melts are a great way to use scents in the living room, creating a warm and homely feel that you won’t want to leave.

Bedroom: Lavender has been used for centuries to aid sleep and restlessness. Diffusers, room/pillow sprays are a great way to incorporate scents into the bedroom, rather than candles that could pose a fire risk if you were to fall asleep.  Love it or hate it?  For those that find lavender overpowering, there are some amazing lavender blends out that are more gentle and just as relaxing, such as; Heavenly cedar & salted Lavender, and Amber & Lavender.

Kitchen: There’s no better way to cut through cooking smells or nasty bin niffs than with a nice fresh Lemon citrus scent, and what a beautiful fresh scent to come down to first thing in the morning. Cleaning and room sprays are the perfect way to use scents in the kitchen. Lemon can also be a great scent for the porch or hallway, not only to create a great fresh first impression upon opening the door, but it’s also great to banish nasty niffs from trainers and shoes.

Bathroom: Cleaning products and air fresheners can sometimes leave behind a harsh chemical smell that lingers. Reed diffusers with essential oils are a nice way to keep a pleasant clean fresh aroma in the bathroom throughout the day and with so many scents available it’s easy to find one you love and here are just a few…. Spa Retreat, Seychelles, Wild Mint, Patchouli & Amber, Lime & Bay, Pink sands, and Basil and Mandarin.

Scents choices are personal…whatever scents you choose they will be the right scents for you and when you walk through the door it’ll be ‘Home Sweet Home’

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